Minimum Order: 50 Signs.

Note: We are no longer offering custom neon. See the links below for both custom neon signs and custom LED signs. They do not have any MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITIES!
If you have a company logo or design that you would like to have produced, we would like to have the opportunity to manufacture your sign for you.  The following is an illustration of the design and development of your neon sign.  First, our experienced drafting department ensures that you will receive the best accuracy and design for your company logo.
frame-s.jpg (5024 bytes)

back.jpg (9638 bytes) Once the design is approved we then create the appropriate frame to house your sign.  We manufacture our own metal frames and mounting brackets which gives you reliability in construction, and also gives the best exposure to the sign from every angle. Then the glass is bent by our highly trained benders to ensure quality and consistency in every sign.  State of the art bombarding equipment is used to ensure brighter, longer lasting signs.

Once the glass is tested, it is then mounted on the frame.  Once framed we then apply the Actown transformer that is used with every sign. It is the leader among transformers in quality and reliability, backed by a full 3 year warranty.   Depending if your sign is destined for a U.S. location or outside the U.S., we have a transformer for you.  Now each sign is tested for quality control. 
side.jpg (6800 bytes)

front.jpg (9730 bytes) Once the sign passes this rigorous process, it is now ready to be packed and shipped to your destination.  Our assembly department's high standards guarantees you a quality sign to represent your quality product. 
fattire-s1.jpg (6717 bytes)

All components are proudly manufactured in the U.S.A.
Thank you for choosing Infinity Neon for your neon needs.